XCV Corp., Inc.

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Where and how to buy

     If you want to purchase Dual Pentium II 440BX or 440LX with high-end audio ATX mainboard---P2BXA or P2LXA, please e-mail inquiry for retail sales retailsale@xcvcorp.com, the price is $999 for P2BXA or P2LXA since the quantity is very limited. California resident needs to add 9.25% sales tax, the shipping and handling charge is $30. 

Since Intel already discontinued Pentium II and Pentium III you can't purchased them from authorized retailer. But you can still easily find them from E-bay or some used part stores. Memory modules are also similar case, but there are many on-line stores take care of non-DDR SDRAM. For graphics card it is easier using PCI version than AGP (especially 1x) because PCI-e VGA cards fully replaced of AGP VGA cards. Although SATA hard drives are dominated the market, PATA hard drives are still very popular.